High School

2022 High School Fall League Information is here!

Dates: September 25th - November 6th

Game Days: Sundays

Locations: Hardscrabble Club in Brewster

Format: 5 Games plus Playoffs - Total of 7 games.

Divisions: Boys Varsity/Girls Varsity/BJV

Cost: $800.00

League Rules:

1) Two 20-minute running time halves.
2) Clock stops the last 3 minutes of each half. Note: 3 minutes for halftime.
3) Boys’ league is governed by high school federation rules. Girls’ league is governed by N.C.A.A. women’s rules.
a) Three (3) full time-outs per game
b) One and one bonus on (7th) team foul per half. Two shots on the (10th).
c) A player fouls out after his/her 6th foul.
d) Overtime: Two (2) minutes overtime clock stops last minute. One additional time-out.
4) PLEASE no dunking during warm-ups.
5) COACHES – Only the head coach can stand while game is in process. Also, please have your team clean-up afterwards.
7) All standings will be posted at www.ambclub2.com
8) Forfeit time will be 10 minutes after game time. A team can start and play with 4 players.
9) Each team is given 3 full time outs for the game with an extra should you go into overtime.