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Here are some of the most frequently asked AAU questions with responses:

Amateur Athletic Union is a national organization, and Lightning is a member of AAU.  We are one of the largest organizations within the AAU.

AAU/Lightning is basically a spring sport, although many of the teams play into the summer and winter.  The teams participate in a series of weekend tournaments that are held here at the Hardscrabble Club, as well as through the NY Metropolitan area. The younger teams play in tournaments, most of which are local. The older teams play in six to seven tournaments and do more traveling to such places as Albany and Northern Connecticut.

Teams practice once or twice each week and play on weekends.  Attendance at practices is required. Your full commitment is expected. However, we understand if you play multi-sports and have to miss so long as you proactively contact your coach. A child will not be penalized.

The fee schedule varies based on what team the player is assigned to.  The fee ranges from approximately $875 to $995 (Uniform package included).

There are No Refunds. We, however, will provide a partial credit toward next year’s fee in the event of an injury resulting in the player missing four or more tournaments. Medical documentation will be required. If a player quits a team, there will be No Refund.

Each player must play in each game. However, some will play more than others as coaches are trying their best to win.

At the Hardscrabble Club in Brewster, NY.

Coaches will contact the parents on the day of the last tryout or within 3 days after that.

We offer a Player Development weekly program that starts in mid-March Wednesday nights 6-7:30pm in which we will honor your $45 try-out fee as well as Summer camps to help the player.

Each existing team on average has six to seven and sometimes more spots open. We also start new teams if we have enough players.

Most coaches practice once or twice a week.

All games are played on the weekends on both Saturday and Sunday anywhere from late March through early June depending on the schedule of that team.

All games vary anywhere from morning to evening.

Your coach will provide all once he finalizes his/her team. However, tournament schedules come out the Thursday before the weekend you play.

You will receive a schedule from your coach by the Thursday before that weekend of play.

For the most part, yes. However, you could also have a game or two in the surrounding areas of Westchester.

All team fees will be due at once and your coach will provide that date and time. We do not accept partial payments.

If my son/daughter decides to quit in the beginning or middle of the season, can I get a partial refund. No refunds! If we can replace your spot with another player, then we would forward what that new player pays.

Yes, you may, but you must consult with your coach and must remember that you CAN NOT coach your child.

All uniforms are ordered through your coach and program, and we are in contract for 2 years with the CURRY Brand. Your uniform package is $295.

We select no less than 10 and no more than 12. There are certain situations where a team could end up with 13 or 14 depending on the experience of the coach.

Yes, they are, and we conduct a back-ground check.