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2024 Lightning AAU Spring tryout information is here!

You have a choice as to where you will play AAU. Most organizations are reputable here in NY. We believe that Lightning provides an edge over others and here is why!

  1. Lightning has been in existence for 30 years under the same leadership.
  2. Lightning is the largest AAU program in the country. We provide for many ability levels and not just the elite.
  3. Lightning has been recognized by the National AAU leadership as one of the top programs in the country as recently as October 2017.
  4. Many Lightning student-athletes have gone on to play in college at all levels.
  5. Lightning has been recognized as one of the top 15 youth programs by the JR. NBA and has been named as a member of its National Flagship program
  6. Lightning is a member of the USA Basketball Youth Development program.
  7. Lightning has its own premier facility, the Hardscrabble Club.
  8. Lightning leadership directly chooses and monitors the selection of coaches which we consider our most important assets.
  9. Lightning utilizes a director system wherein experienced leaders monitor and develop young coaches in their teaching of skills, management, and communication with players and parents.
  10. Most importantly, Lightning is committed to integrity and the development of each player.